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Popup message before saving record in Access 2013 Form


I have a field named Company_Name on my Access 2013 form. I want to add a event on the form. If Company_Name is blank when the users try to add/save the data, it will popup a message say "Company Name is required". The data won't be saved untill Company_Name if filled out.

Please provide sample code.

Thanks  in advance.
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Jeffrey Coachman
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On the before Update event of the form try something like this:

If me.Company_Name="" Then
    msgbox "Company name cannot be left blank."
End if
Sorry, this is better:

If IsNull(Me.Company_Name) Then
    MsgBox "Company name cannot be left blank."
    Cancel = True
End If
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The popup message doesn't show up.
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ok, the popup shows up.

I have a save button on the form with the following code. If the user leaves Company_Name blank, it will popup the message then just close the form itself. Is there anyway to have the form stays unless user close the form?

The presence of this button was not mentioned in your original post...

What you have there is not really a "Save" button, the code you have there Closes the form.
So this is really a "Close Button"

You button will force the form to close regardless..

If it were me, I would delete this button and tell users to use the standard "X" in the upper right hand of the form.
The standard "X" will allow the "validation" code to run as you specify.

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Jeffrey Coachman
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