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Writing formula in cell with VBA


I need to update the formulas i a large number of similar files, and have written a small routine to update cells with an new formula..

The line

Range("R9").Formula = "=SUMMERPRODUKT($K$15:$K$108;R15:R108;$I$15:$I$108)"

fails, and returns the message "Application-defined or object-defined error", but I don't understand why..

The SUMMERPRODUKT is the Norwegian version of SUMPRODUCT

Please help.. :)
1 Solution
Good Morning,

Try replacing semi colons ; with commas ,
Rory ArchibaldCommented:
Formula expects a US style formula:
Range("R9").Formula = "=SUMPRODUCT($K$15:$K$108,R15:R108,$I$15:$I$108)"

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or you can perhaps use FormulaLocal:
Range("R9").FormulaLocal = "=SUMMERPRODUKT($K$15:$K$108;R15:R108;$I$15:$I$108)"

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