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Exchange user issue and event log errors

I noticed yesterday these two entries on my exchange server event logs

EVENT ID 10027 MSExchangeIS (error)
There are 5 RPC requests for the mailbox "c7441ab6-cb23-4ede-81ac-c43fee1c2835: /O=The ABC Company/OU=ABC/cn=Recipients/cn=Lucy" on the database "4c035170-c814-47f4-a421-cb60e9a3aa20: /o=The ABC Company/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=DH8TVAA/cn=Microsoft Private MDB" that have taken an abnormally long time to complete. This may be indicative of performance issues with your server.

EVENT ID 1236 MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store (warning)
Publication of a notification (0x10) to 1 subscribers (2 estimated) of folder [MBX:Lucy Smith][Inbox] in database "Mailbox Database 3213211234" succeeded, but took an abnormally long time (283 seconds) to complete. This latency may be indicative of the notified folder or its parent having too many child folders with differing access rights. It may also be indicative of performance problems with your hardware.

This user has not been with the company for a while. I tried to login her email account via OWA and it would just sit there and would never log in. But when I try with any other user i could. So OWA is working perfect.

I logged into PC with her credentials and setup outlook but the inbox items would not populate. Her calendar and contacts did. I know there has to be data due to her mailbox size of 7GB.

So my question is. If i cant access her emails via OWA or outlook. Is her mailbox corrupted and unrepairable? Can it be repaired? If not should we just delete the mailbox from the sever and if so how?

Thanks in advance
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Firstly, if you have another mailbox database, I would move her database to a new database. This will basically run through a copy of the mailbox and any corrupt data will be filtered out and the old database will be deleted.

If that fails, perhaps a restore of the database into a recovery database and export the data, if you're taking backups?
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The thing is restore the DB to what point. Who knows when the mailbox was corrupted. Would another option be simply just to delete the mailbox of the user?
Well you could do that, but you will lose all the user data.

I would create a new mailbox database first, move the user to it and see what happens with your mailbox from then. At least you've given it a go that way :)
can you provide instructions on how to do that please? thanks

Also whats the best way if we just decide to delete the mailbox? Once we delete the mailbox and the user account the space should be allocated back to the server correct?
Here are instructions on how to do it in the EMC - Exchange Management Console:

If you delete the account, the space doesn't get released back to the server, as with Exchange databases... they do not shrink. The space that you clear will remain in the database as "whitespace".

The whitespace will sit there, waiting to be over written by other users data inside that database.
So that means the DB will not grow until that space that was previously used by the user will grow beyond that size?
yep, thats right.
Once a create a DB via EMC 2010 exchange. How do I move the user over? Also will this affect the users on the network? Should this be done after hours? Or does it only affect the user I am moving?
It will only affect the user your moving.

Move it by selecting the user, Move Mailbox and then select the destination mailbox database.
How do i properly delete the user and mailbox? Also how can i retrieve white space from the DB or is that not recommended and leave it as is? I know there's always mixed feelings about that topic.
You just need to right click and Disable (Remove will delete the user AD account too which you do not want to do), this will place the mailbox in a temporary place, which you can recover it quickly if needs be. Once done, you can create a new mailbox and attach it to the remaining AD account.

The deleted mailbox will stay in this place for 30 days (by default) and will eventually become white space after this.

I would leave Exchange automatically handle all this for you.

The way to recover the whitespace is to take the database offline and run the eseutil to defrag the database. This is not recommended as you can lose data during this process and it can take a very long time to complete. Only in a disaster scenario should you defrag the database offline in my opinion.

If  you are short of space, I'd suggest getting some additional storage added and create a new mailbox database in the new location and start migrating some of the users over to it, which should give you sufficient capacity to grow.
I do need to delete some users mailboxes and AD account. So that option will be the remove feature? From what I understand thats automatic but becomes white space?
It is automatic that it deleted the Mailbox and associated AD account, but like I said above, the space will not become white space immediately. It will take 30 days to purge and release that additional space.
I did a MailboxRepairRequest command today it I got these results instantly. I don't know if it did anything at all. How can I verified it worked?

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>New-MailboxRepairRequest -Mailbox Lucy -CorruptionType ProvisionedFolder,SearchFolder,AggregateCounts,Folderview
 RequestID Mailbox ArchiveMailbox Database Server
 --------- ------- -------------- -------- ------
 165575e4-d29d-4198-a False Mailbox Database 092... DHAAA1234.Abc...
I deleted the user as none  of these options worked for me.  Thanks for the help though.
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No other options worked. So I just deleted the user.