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Posted on 2013-09-12
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Last Modified: 2013-09-13
OK so I have these three Combo Boxes.  CBO1, CBO2 and CBO3.

All three boxes have the exact same listings in them.  Designators.  (A person can have up to three designators in the App.)

What I would like to try and do is this:

Let's say the CBO1 box has the designator 'SW' in it and CBO2 and CBO3 say 'NONE'
Now I select 'IDW' as the designator for CBO2 and leave CBO3 with 'NONE'

What I would love for the app to do is this:

If the IDW designator is choosen in CBO2 or CBO3 it automatically puts it in the CBO1 box and what was in the CBO1 box is moved to the CBO2 box and what was in the CBO2 box get's moved to the CBO3 box.

I am sure this will need to be in the afterupdate event for all three boxes I'm just not sure how to make something like this happen.  If it's possible.


Question by:John Sheehy
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Expert Comment

by:Jeffrey Coachman
ID: 39487525
"If the IDW designator is choosen in CBO2 or CBO3 it automatically puts it in the CBO1 box and what was in the CBO1 box is moved to the CBO2 box and what was in the CBO2 box get's moved to the CBO3 box."

This is one of those questions where you need to consider all the contingencies, and what you want to happen for each...
For example suppose CBO1 is empty when you select "IDW"
Or if IDW is in all three already

Author Comment

by:John Sheehy
ID: 39487564
The default value for all three fields is 'NONE'  So if IDW is choosen as the one choosen in CBO1 and it was none orginially then nothing would need to happen.

The reason we need this to happen this way is the Command we are at the primary designator is IDW all others are secondary and triciary.  Now if someone coming from a ship has the designator SW or AW and that's all they have then CBO1 and CBO2 would be SW and AW.  But if they earn the IDW here that designator becomes the priamry, SW and AW become second and third.  Make sense?
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Expert Comment

by:Jeffrey Coachman
ID: 39488063
Just a bit more info requested...
If these comboboxes represent the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary ranks, ...
The why aren't these users entering their rank in the appropriate combobox?

In other words cbo1 should only allow the highest ranks to be selected
CBO2 should only allow the secondary ranks
CBO3 should only allow the Tertiary ranks...

,,,in other words IDW, should only be an Option in CBO1...
...Am I understanding this correctly?

...and to be clear, what you are asking for here can be done exactly as you request, ...it just seems like a lot of logic is involved just to put selections where they should be in the first place...

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Accepted Solution

als315 earned 2000 total points
ID: 39488080
Look at sample. But I argee with Jeff (boag2000) - you should carefully check logic and investigate all possible combinations

Author Comment

by:John Sheehy
ID: 39488216
If they were ranks it would be that easy.  They are special designators that are earned.
Not all commands offer the same designators.  Example I can earn IDW at this command but I can not not earn SW here.  Where if I went to a destroyer I could earn SW but not IDW.  I will look at the sample and see how that works.  Thanks.

Author Comment

by:John Sheehy
ID: 39490675

Your sample is exactly what I need it to do.  Thank you very much.

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Expert Comment

by:Jeffrey Coachman
ID: 39490836

Thanks for helping out again here, ...lets see if your sample is what they were looking for...



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