Which Windows for CF Development

I do local development at home running my own CF server/SQL Server.  I am a Windows person using Windows 7 Home Premium.

I'd like to get a new PC but all Microsoft offers now is Windows 8 - which to me is a not designed for developers but more for media/tablet users.  Plus I don't have the initiative to learn this new operating system (or debug it).

What does the CF development community do for new Windows PC/laptops?

Thanks in advance,
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Jaroslav MrazCTOCommented:

there is still some shops where have old versions of windows as BOX (no OEM) you can buy a PC without OS and simple install and even when you change pc later you will be abble to take your windows with you.

secon doption is legal donwgrade windows 8 to Windows 7



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hefterrAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the down grade information.  I wasn't ware of that.

Just curious what most developers are doing with their home PCs in this situation?

Jaroslav MrazCTOCommented:
There are several options :)


Officialy CF support windows 8 and new MAC OS so they switch after some time


2. some delopers are using vmware workstation or other virtual product even free ones and have virtual os inside of normal os. I am using this when i need visual studion or other tool on MAC.

3. option they updating just part of they HW as they can in EULA (or dont respecting eula license of os :D). If you dont wnat to change your PC but still want more performence buy SSD and maximum RAM (spped and capacity) you can have couse motherboard. If you have 64bit OS you will see speedup.
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I have been a CF programmer for 14 years.  I have allso done SysAdmin work for 17 years off and on.  I coded on Windows then switched to Linux for a few years then went to OSX 4 years ago.

This is not the answer you are looking for but I switched to OSX for developing.  I got tired of reloading my development machine every time a virus or browser bug got me.  I refuse to go any higher in Windows that XP because I felt (like you) that newer OSes were not developer friendly.  It felt dirty to go to OSX at first when testing it but now it's awesome.  There are great alternatives for everything you need on mac and some things that are hard on PC are easy on mac.  I AM NOT A FANBOY.  I use the best tool for the job and for me developing it's mac.  I won't even buy a Mac Pro because they are overpriced and outdated tech.  I have a dell t5400 (16g ram and 8 cores) that I installed OSX on.  I do have a MacbookPro because I feel Mac makes the best laptop hardware hands down but even then I bought used because of the price.

Eclipse with CFEclipse
Eclipse Colorer plugin
CloudApp (a must for me)

As far as running a server I switched to Linux a long time ago because I had too many issues with IIS back in NT4 days.  I have never looked back.  I run a VirtualBox VM with Mint Linux and CF.  I also have one running Railo.
Just a note that Win8.1 is about to be released and does a lot to resolve the tablet-centricity issues


It's a free upgrade from 8 so you could get a new machine now & upgrade or wait a few weeks

Wish I could say the same for server 2012...ugh I hate hate hate
hefterrAuthor Commented:
Well a lot to think about and research.

@reiters : I didn't know you could install OSX on a PC.  Not sure why you would want to - as opposed to buying a Mac?  And I am not sure if OSX will run MS SQL Server?

@JEREMYNO and SidFishes:  Didn't consider downgrading from Win 8/8.1 .  I guess but You have to pay for the OS and then throw it away.  And I'm sure the down grade is not easy!
Q:  What is an example of the VMware you referred to?

@All:  I wish Microsoft could come out with an OS geared for developers (without a server edition).  I don't want the touch screen/media stuff on a development PC.  OK for the family.

Thanks to all,
hefterrAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all.
You can install OSX on a pc if you are willing to do a little research.  The reason you would want to is I have a 8 core machine with 16g ram that I paid under $500 for.  The same machine with Apples name on it would run $2500+ used.

You can run MySQL on a mac (mine is now) but if you want you can run a windows machine in a virtual and put MySQL on there...or linux... or both.  With the computer I have, I can run 4 virtual machines with very acceptable performance at one time.  If you wanted to develop using eclipse on the main osx operating system and run a virtual machine running windows server 2008r2 and Coldfusion and a second virtual running centos 6.4 with MySQL 5.5 you can and works very nice.  Advantage of putting it on a virtual is that you can test other setups without breaking your main one.  Lets say you have been running MySQL 5.1 for months and want to see if anything breaks with MySQL 5.5, you just make a new virtual machine running centos 6.4 and install MySQL 5.5 and then backup old DB and restore on the new one.  Test all you want without breaking.  You can also make a copy of an entire virtual machine and treat it like a fork of your code.  Make drastic changes and if it doesnt work out, you just delete the copy and no harm done.
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