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I am experiencing an issue where 1 or 2 of the Outlook Contact Lists are not displaying for a specific user on the Blackberry.  We currently have a Blackberry Server.  I have tried replacing devices, checking settings within Outlook for syncing, swapping the devices, reactivating it on the BES, but have been unsuccessful.  Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Rodney BarnhardtConnect With a Mentor Server AdministratorCommented:
You mention that you replaced the device. I have had to delete the user (including the option to remove BES settings from the inbox). Wait until it has been fully removed from the system, then add the user and device back. Have you tried that?
Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
Are you using Exchange? If so, are you running Outlook in cached mode? Which if you are, you could have a problem with the OST file in Outlook not properly syncing to the Exchange server. I would use OWA and see if the contact exist in OWA. If not, then it is never making it from Outlook to Exchange.
jduran04Author Commented:
The contacts exist in OWA.  I verified before I submitted this issue on EE.
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