Handling Null Values in MS Acess Query


I need some assistance with a MS Access query.

The database that I am currently working on was designed to track the Current Year budgeted and actual volumes for a particular market.  The financial year starts in April and, to date, I have entered stats for April - July thus leaving the fields for Aug - Mar blank (please refer to the bottom of tbl_Statistics).

In Query1, the aim of this query is to track and compare the budgeted volumes vs. the actual volumes and calculate some running totals for the CYTD and PYTD.

My challenge is, for the CYTD Actual BBLS, I prefer that the fields remain blank if there is no value in the CY Actual BBLS column; so it should look like this:

Month     CY Actual BBLS          CYTD Actual BBL
Apr          5,922.16                       5,922.16
May         5,363.49                      11,285.65
Jun          5,487.57                       16,773.22
Jul           5,976.27                        22,749.49

In other words:
if CY Actual BBLS is Null
CYTD Actual BBLS should be Null
else run a DSum formula

This does not seem to be working.

In "Copy of Query1", I tried running a simple IIF formula that instructs the query to return 0 if the field is null and 1 if the field is not null.  The formula returned all 1's.

Can someone please assist with this?

I bet ya that the solution is quite easy but I can't figure out what I am doing incorrectly.


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test: IIf(IsNull([Statistic_ActualVol]),0,1)
There is no field with name CY Actual BBLS in your sample, but there is Statistic_ActualVol
omgangIT ManagerCommented:
Change the expression for CYTD Actual BBLS to

CYTD Actual BBLS: IIf(IsNull([CY Actual BBLS]),Null,DSum("Statistic_ActualVol","qry_Master_MarketStats","[Financial_Year_ID]=" & [Financial_Year_ID] & " AND [Month_ID] <=" & [Month_ID] & ""))

OM Gang

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omgangIT ManagerCommented:
This is the query result after the expression change
OM Gang

Query Result
staceymooreAuthor Commented:
Both of you provided excellent solutions.

However, I am assigning the "Best Solution" to omgang because the solution was directly related to my problem.


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