Move mailbox role to frontend

Can I move the mailbox role from my backend to my frontend server ?

I´m currently running two exchange 2010 servers. One as frontend and the other one is backend (with mailbox role).

I´ve moved all mailboxes to Office365 but I still use my local exchange servers to create mailboxes and manage my users, and then remotely move them to Office365.
Now as I don't need two exchange servers, I want to move the mailbox role to my frontend exchange server and remove my backend server from my organisazion.
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Sigurdur KristoferssonSystem AdminAsked:
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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
No such thing as a frontend and backend in Exchange 2010.
There is the CAS role and the mailbox role (Along with the hub transport role). You can move the role where you like. If you want to add the mailbox role to the current CAS role holder then you can do that.

Sigurdur KristoferssonSystem AdminAuthor Commented:
What I call frontend is the one holding all the roles, exept the mailbox role, what I call the backend holds only the mailbox role, so your reply answered my question. Thanks again.
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