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This is a question from my girlfriend.  Okay, so recently she sent a reply to a company that bid on a contract she is managing.  However, she accidently included information that was for another company.  One company was approved, and the other not- bad political situation.  Her question is

Does MS Outlook have a function that would allow her to send an email message, and then, before it is finally sent, give her an opportunity to check the message for errors?  

She has admitted to me she is not the most attention-specific person.  Thanks for any help you can offer.  Robert
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apache09Connect With a Mentor Commented:
A delay can work, However if she thought the email was ready to be sent without needing to be reviewed, its likely she would not have pressed send in the first place.

So my gut would tell me, once she hit send. Shes not going to review it again in the outbox before it gets sent out

There are a couple way around this but not many.

Depending on how long it took for her to recognize the Mistake. This issue is possibly something that may have been rectifiable by using the Recall Option in outlook

If She is not already proficient in using Message Recall, have her review the material in the link provided


You can go the simple route and use a 3rd party product as send guard to check common issues with emails before sending

Alternatively, if you if your handy with VBA you can use some code and a bit of your time to do similar and the SlipStick Site is a great resource for this:
PEBKAC problems are rarely resolved by adding more technology.

Some things simply can be solved by being careful. This is one such thing.

This reminds me of the warning messages that you get asking if you're sure that you want to delete X, Y and Z... Of COURSE I wanted to delete X, Y and Z... I don't make mistakes.

Until you do.

That dialog box confirming you are sure, will simply be ignored in short order.

A quick google led me to this:

But I honestly suggest that she slow down and simply re-read important emails.
RobertGeoffAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for getting back to me with several possible solutions.  l think we'll try to work within Outlook as she can handle (plus ya made me look smart!)

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