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Posted on 2013-09-12
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Last Modified: 2013-09-24
When left clicking on a Word document, within SharePoint 2007, IE seems to stop responding (it could be loading very slowly, but after about a minute, I try to perform some other action within IE and it's "locked up." To help mitigate this, I have it open a new window, which keeps the original active, but the new window becomes "locked-up."

If I right-click on the document, and select Open, then the document opens within the right application (i.e. winword.exe).  All of the settings have been check, file types are associated properly, etc.  What seems to be interesting is that MS Word is not included in Default Documents, which is from the Control Panel.  The same is true for other users.  Wordpad is included, but only for .docx, and the appropriate text files.

In doing a quick Internet search, this has been an issue with others, but it seems there is no definitive solution.

It appears that when left-clicked, IE and SharePoint should just open the document with its default application, instead of trying to open it with IE.  What settings could be overlooked to make this occur.
Question by:Cook09
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Expert Comment

ID: 39509408
What version of IE?
are you using the normal link or the 64bit link? (dont use 64 bit, it does have issues)
What OS?
Does this happen on more than one machine in your environment?

Author Comment

ID: 39515975
Using IE 8, Win 7, 32 Bit, and no it is not occuring on any other machine within this environment.

Accepted Solution

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You might try "rebuilding" the ms office installation via the Control Panel

Author Comment

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Well, the suggestion was close.  What I eventually did was to  check the Add-ons and disabled a section at a time, until there was no issue, then went one by one, and found that the Logitech Setpoint driver was causing the issue.

 However, I also had to return most items to their default status, i.e., remove cookies, etc, before it would work on all documents within SharePoint.  So, the rebuilding had more to do with IE and not necessarily with all of the applications.  But, the rebuilding along with disabling the driver did the trick.


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