Recover Acronis True Image That is "Corrupted"

We had a 1TB drive with a bunch of pictures go bad.  We have two successful backups of the drive.  Both images are full backups.  When I try and mount or recover data from the drive I get an error that the image is corrupted.  When I try and validate the image I get an error "This is not the last created volume of the backup archive. Please insert the last created volume to start working with this archive.'.  Which is weird since the full backup it takes every night only ever created one backup file.

I spoke with acronis over chat and im coping the image over to another computer first to see if that helps at all.

I have the old hard drive except it turns on for about 10 seconds and then turns off again.  I was hoping a SATA to usb adapter was going to help but that didn't work out well.

Is there any software or service you can provide that acronis .tib image to and have them take a bit level restore of it?  

Anyone else run into this same issue?  We are running Acronic 8072 which is pretty old I know.
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Aaron TomoskyConnect With a Mentor Technology ConsultantCommented:
Some links and explanations here
Aaron TomoskyTechnology ConsultantCommented:
You can try to mount it as a vmdk. I've never tried with a corrupted image though...
you can test it on another PC first, but if that also shows the error, i believe Acronis should be the best place to solve it.

maybe this post from anton  helps :
and near the end : traywolf's
jmkotmanAuthor Commented:
I tried to convert to a vmdk but everything i select in acronis says the backup is corrupted.  Which seems weird because if I do a manual backup right now and try and use that one it also says its corrupted.

We are working on getting a maintenance plan on the product right now so we can call into support.
did you look at the suggestions in the link i posted?
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