Will knowledge of ASP.Net web forms help with MVC

Hi Experts,
I some advise.  I have experience working professionally with ASP.Net Web Forms.  I came accross a job listing, which I would like to try out for.  The hiring company's ideal candidate is someone with vast knowledge of MVC.  I am familiar with MVC, but don't have any real work experience with it.  Will my knowledge of ASP.Net web forms help with the learning curve of MVC?  Should I try out for this job?  Thank you very much in advance for your advise.

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Should I try out for this job?

You should go for any job that you think will advance you.  Playing safe and only going for jobs where you have all the exact requirements will mean you spend your career in a narrow niche.  The best way to pick up new skills is on the job, under pressure, demonstrating that you can rise to the challenge.  

Never be afraid to go for anything that looks good to you.

Any experience that has taught you how to solve problems, apply logic, and test with discipline is valuable, and all development is about using common sense to solve problems regardless of the tools or platform being used.

Yes, your basic ASP.NET knowledge will be helpful but surely there will be some learning curve.
Main thing to look at is what ASP.NET version have you worked. If you are working with the latest like 4.0+ and using Linq/EntityFramework etc. the programming skills are fully portable.
What you will need to get familiar is mainly the View/Controller interaction and Routing. That isn't too difficult.

If you are planning to switch to MVC in near future and feel comfortable with basic ASP.NET MVC concepts , then yes give it a shot. You will at least get an MVC interview experience.

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