trying to add a group of over 100 users from a spreadsheet to a clearos server environment.  I'm not too familiar with clearos.  I work for a small business who lost their IT personnel.
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clearcenterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Once installed, the Account Import app allows you to create a spreadsheet (for CSV export) of any number of users and import them to the *LOCAL* LDAP directory.
You can script the user addition.
The difficulty is what does the system have?
Are you looking to add local users, central management (LDAP) or mysql, PostgreSQL, etc.

There are many possibilities dealing with what does the system clearossquid or any other do.
Why not use the 'Account Import' free app available from the Marketplace.
shwelopoAuthor Commented:
I was looking to add 100 local users.
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