Format date to MM-DD-YYYY in php and HTML

Hi all.

Below is a snippet of code from my php file. I retrieve the description and date from the mySQL table. The date is in the format YYYY-MM-DD, but when I display it in my html table I want it to be in the formath MM-DD-YYYY. How can I do this?

Thank you in advance!

$query = "SELECT  workscheduledescription, WorkScheduleDate FROM WorkScheduleDataEntry INNER JOIN WorkScheduleType ON WorkScheduleDataEntry.workscheduletypeid = WorkScheduleType.workscheduletypeid WHERE DataEntryID = :dataentryid ORDER BY WorkScheduleDate ";
            $query_params = array( 
            ':dataentryid' => $_POST['DataEntryID'] 
            $stmt = $db2->prepare($query); 
            $result = $stmt->execute($query_params); 
            $data2 = $stmt->fetchAll();

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Then in my html portion I have:

<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"  class="db-table" align = "center">
                <th>Scheduled Date</th>
                <?php  foreach($data2 as $row){ 
                    echo '<tr>';
                    echo '<td>' . html_escape($row['workscheduledescription']) . '</td>';
                    echo '<td>' . html_escape($row['WorkScheduleDate']) . '</td>';
                    echo '</tr>';
                } ?>                 

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Cornelia YoderArtistCommented:
The easiest way is simply to use substr().

$mydate = '2012-10-20';

echo substr($mydate,5,5)."-".substr($mydate,0,4);
Cornelia YoderArtistCommented:
If you might later want the html table date in a more human friendly format, you can also use

$unixtimestamp = strtotime($mydate);
echo  date("Y-m-d",$unixtimestamp);

and use the features of date() to format it in any way you wish.
Ray PaseurCommented:
This and much more is explained in the article here:

The advantage of using strtotime() and date() versus just reformatting the fields with substr() is that strtotime() can tell you if the date is bad.  Also, strtotime() and date() can be used together to do date-related arithmetic.

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You can also do it direct in your sql

STR_TO_DATE(date_column, '%d-%m-%Y')
Sim1980Author Commented:
Thank you both.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Lots of ways to skin a cat ;-)

If you want MM-DD-YYYY you might want to change this...

echo  date("Y-m-d",$unixtimestamp);

to this...

echo  date("m-d-Y",$unixtimestamp);
Cornelia YoderArtistCommented:
Could you please explain why you gave two other people all the points and didn't even bother to thank me for giving you the same answer first?
Sim1980Author Commented:
Sure. Your answer didn't guide me to where I wanted to go as far as a solution, while the other 2 answers did.
Cornelia YoderArtistCommented:
And what was that, since my answer was the same as Ray_Paseur's, except that I gave it to you directly, while ray pointed you to a link?  If giving you a link is better, I believe I did that as well.
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