Forward emails with a certain subject

Is there a way to set up a rule in outlook so that if an email has a certain subject line, it will forward the email to a specific person? If so, how?


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SeanConnect With a Mentor System EngineerCommented:
Yes you can. Just right click the message and select rules...create new rule. Then there is an advanced options, select that and then fill in your conditions, should be the second option with "bla bla" in the subject then hit next and select forward it to people or public group and select your user you would like it forwarded it to then hit finish.
Yes, go to the rule section and select create new rule, then check "Subject Contains" and  put what the subject would have you want to forward, then select what you want it to do. I.E (move to another folder).
Smith and AndersenCommented:
just right click on the emai>create rule
when the rule wizard starts choose advanced options..create the rule for subject next..forward to user
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