Change a macro's icon in Outlook 2010 Quick Access toolbar.

is there an easier way to make my macro's icon match the "send/receive all folder" icon in my Outlook quick access toolbar?Send Receive
I put my vba subroutine  "MyMagic" into my QAT, but I wanted to change its icon to match Outlook's "Send/Receive All Folders" Icon.

I used the Outlook QAT customization to modify" button to use "ListMacros". But there are many better icons that are not in the 180 icons listed.

I was able to make the desired modification as follows:
1. Added MyMagic to QAT
2. Added Send/Receive All Folders to QAT (this is temporary, it will be deleted at step 10)
3. Exported QAT settings to "Outlook Customizations (olkexplorer).exportedUI"
4. renamed file to ...(olkexplorer).exportedUI.txt
5. opened with notepad and search for the desired icon's image name
6. Overlaid MyMagic's original image name with the desired name
7. exit Notepad with save
8. renamed .exportedUI.txt back to exportedUI
9. in outlook, Imported the modified QAT file.
10. Delete the Send/Receive All Folders ICON that I added in step 2.

So, my question is: "Is there an easier way?"


P.S.  Here is a portion of the exportedUI.txt file.  I have underlined the desired icon name and MyMagic's original image name.

mso:button idQ="x1:Project1.MyMagic_1" visible="true" label="MyMagic" imageMso="ListMacros" onAction="Project1.MyMagic" insertBeforeQ="mso:SendReceiveAll"/

mso:control idQ="mso:SendReceiveAll" visible="true"//mso:sharedControls/mso:qat/mso:ribbon/mso:customUI
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rberkeConnect With a Mentor ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Nobody has come up with an easier way to do change a QAT icon, so I am PAQing this question.
rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
I found this web page which contains tons of tricks.

Unfortunately, I am not great at XML, and will not have time to look deeper.
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