String manipulation

I have a string that has a network path along with a filename assigned to it.

I need the filename stripped from the string

I am trying to get everything from the right of 'Image\' but I figured Id post it as well

Thats it!!

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jknj72Author Commented:
I need it in VB now....The last one was an Oracle question
if your vb is talking to an oracle database, you can still use the original answer

but syntax might look something like this...

right(your_string, your_string.length - instrrev(your_string,'\'))
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Back in the day, I picked up a function.  Not sure if I borrowed it off the internet (probably where I got it) or from some other source:

	Function GetLastRightOf(LookFor as String, myString as String) as String
		Dim StrPos as Integer
		StrPos = myString.LastIndexOf(LookFor)
		Return myString.SubString(StrPos + 1)
	End Function

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Then you would just call:
jknj72Author Commented:
I actually  got it using

Mid(url, url.LastIndexOf("\") + 2)

I would have given you points but it didnt work..

Thanks anyway sdstub

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 I put the '\'  in single quotes
it should have been double quotes "\"

There are methods for this specific case, why not use them?
jknj72Author Commented:
Haha that should have been what I was looking for Will. A little late though. Thanks
Mel-Leo RosalCommented:
Dim strTemp() As String
Dim sANSWER As String
Dim strInput As String = "\\dev01\company011\_fileserver\content\Image\VCSJK_1bd00b4f-c26e-4d01-84c6-d0848aa258d5_concert.jpg"

strTemp = Split(strInput, "\")
sANSWER = strTemp(UBound(strTemp))


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jknj72Author Commented:
i figured it out but thanks anyway
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