Need help with UNIX find command

I need to find a list of all subdirectories of $dir1 that contain word "TEST", and not just at the end, but anywhere in the path.

I am using the following:


find $dir1 -type d -name '*'$word'*' -print

it is working but seems to only retrieve those path that end with TEST:


For example /01/data/TEST contains a subdirectory lists but it does not output  /u10/data/TEST/lists

How can I modify my code to display subdirectories of TEST as well?
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Why not simply

find $dir1 -type d |grep $word

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Just skip -name option and use grep instead

find $dir1 -type d -name '*'$word'*' -print


find $dir1 -type d  -print | grep "$word"

-name option is used for file/directory at the end of the path.
YZlatAuthor Commented:
grep worked as desired! Thanks!

Is there a way to make it case-insensitive?

for example so that both /u01/data/TEST and /u01/data/Test get returned?
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find $dir1 -type d |grep -i $word
YZlatAuthor Commented:
Depending on your OS, you could also do

find $dir1 -type d -iname $word
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