How to build WPF solution into single exe for specific language

I have to build the WPF solution into single EXE. Not only that, it should be language specific. For example,

MyApp.exe for English (or neutual)
MyApp.exe for Japanese
MyApp.exe for German

I have created three resources file: under MyProject\MyResourcesFolder:


Anyone knows how to do it?

BTW, I use VS2012. The solution is on .NET 4.5.

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you may create 3 configurations of your project. the configuration only would differ by the resource file. i would do it in the sources rather than by exchanging the resx object file. for example each configuration may use a different rc file.

chuang4630Author Commented:
How do I do this?
- add all 3 resource files to the project.
- in the properties view of your solution, choose configuration manager.
- in the drop-down of the 'active solution configuration' you may create <new> configuration
- do that for each language you want to support.
- in each configuration two of the three resource files will be excluded from build.

if doing so you can build a new executable which exactly use the language-specific resource file. if necessary you may do that both for debug and release but probably doing it for release should be sufficient. for each configuration you may use a different build folder and/or name of the executable.


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chuang4630Author Commented:
Thank you.
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