Cabling of Cat5 cables, TIA 606 standard

I'm being told to label all of my patch cables with a number on both ends, and the name of the server in the middle of the cable.   I agree with labeling both ends, but labeling the server name, anywhere on the cable, is a bad idea.

Can anyone point to a TIA or other standard that confirms this?
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kadafitcdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
According to the TIA-606-B there is no need for a Server name on the cable.  You should just follow the standards developed, in which none of the standards requires a server name.  Listing a Server name on the cable makes mischief too easy and shouldn't be done.  The Naming system used in the 606-B standard makes the labels gibberish to the every day person but is an exact labeling system utilized by professionals to make it easy to identify the cables.
jimmycherAuthor Commented:
Excellent, thanks.
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