SSIS (2005) Create new flat file on run from OLE connection

How do I get SSIS to CREATE a new file in the DataFlow.

I have variables and dynamic filename and path set in an expression it's parsing ok.

But at runtime its saying  it can't find the file.
Of course it can''s not created yet!

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lrbristerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hey guys...found my own answer.

I added a create directory task at the very start.

I then set the value to my User::strFolderName variable
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
>Of course it can''s not created yet!
On the connection object go to Properties, and set the Delay Validation property to True.
Also in the data flow, destination task, set the Validate External Metadata property to False.
lrbristerAuthor Commented:
Jim Horn,
  I tried that...but same thing

I'm showing evrthing in the series of screen prints below

This is the dynamic folder / file path.
The TOP row of the validated folder exists.
The second line is the dynamic part.

This is the flat file connection manager setting
Here's the Data Flow setting for Metadata
SThayaTechnical MAnagerCommented:
Hi ,

  i think the problem with the Validate External Metadata  property. do the below steps

1.create an empty text file in your drive and connect the txt file with your destination

2. do the mapping process
3. just check wheather the txt file is accepting the incomming rows from the source.

if the above step is Success . then do the jimhorn steps (dynamice connection string)....hope this will help
lrbristerAuthor Commented:
FOund my own answer
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