This is actually an Adobe Reader XI problem (I think).

We have Win 7 / Outlook 2010 and Adobe Reader 11.  I receive an email attachment that is a pdf file.  I double click the attachment and the pdf opens in Reader so I can look at it.

However, when I think try to do a File > Save AS .... to put a copy of it on my computer I receive an error message:

'The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator'

If I do not open the attachment, just right click and choose 'save as' it saves ok to the destination I pick.

How do I resolve this?  

I also suspect it might have something to do with my file open it always try to open or save to the Libraries > Documents folder.   Is there a way to change this default path in reader 11?
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You can create desktop shrotcut for document file. Saving issue,have you installed any firewall like sonic wall install in your network.One of the sonic wall policy make same issue . it happened in our company.we contact the firewall support and sort the issue.

thank you.
clear out your temporary Internet/olk

I have seen this for several users and this sorted it
snyperjAuthor Commented:
How does one clear out those folders? We use IE... I think I know how to do it there....but what is an olk file?
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