Adwords Valuetrack Results

Hi, I've been reading about this. I know I can add this to the destination URL in my ads:

and receive info on what kind of match it was(broad, phrase or exact), what exact keyword was used and what position the ad was in.

What I can't figure out is how to call that information in google analytics. I haven't added the code to my destination urls yet, I wanted to find this answer before beginning. Thanks.
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Well the place to find out about this stuff is the Google support pages for adwords:

I think for the GA to return what you want you will probably need the premium version of GA.

mel200Author Commented:
I've read all that, it's why I know how to place the /?matchtype={matchtype}&keyword={keyword}&position={adposition}.

It isn't clear on how to see the results, that's my problem. It says, When you review your web logs, the URL will now be updated with information about each click.

That doesn't mean anything to me. It also says, You'll also want to use Google Analytics or your own tracking solution, such as traffic review logs, to view your data.

So I am wondering where in Google analytics I can view the data?
I am assuming it is part of premium; which I don't use.  Hopefully we will get another Expert who does use the premium service or at least uses the Adwords tracking.

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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
>When you review your web logs, the URL will now be updated with information about each click.

If you have ever looked at your stats from either google analytics, your own stats package or your logs you can see the querystring.  (viewing your raw logs is not the easy way).  

In google analytics, you can go to Content > All Pages and each querystring shows up as a separate page.

If you have a page called MyLandingPage.php and you use the code above you end up with something like below:


This would show up as 4 different pages.  You can then track each one of those to a call to action.

Keep in mind that google analytics (or any type of analytics that tracks by javascript code) is tracking only pages that are served.  This could very different then your logs or your own server stats.  The reason is your logs and server stats will track what is requested and a page can be requested that is not there.  

As example, if you have a page called MyLandingPage.php you may see this in your logs or server stats.

While that is unlikely it could happen.  What is more likely is seeing some variation of this:


That is the default admin portal for wordpress.  Even if you don't have wordpress, you will see this in your server stats.  Lesson for this if you use word press, never use the default location!

For windows serverstats, I have used smarterstats for 14+ years and have always liked it  There is a really nice open source stats package I have been meaning to try out

It is nice to see the differences in results between server stats and google analytics. Just don't  get hung up on why the huge difference in numbers.  Accuracy in stats has never really existed because there are multiple ways to count things such as what is a unique visitor, when is a returning visitor counted etc..  As long as you keep comparing using the same tool, that is what is important.

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mel200Author Commented:
Awesome answer, thanks everyone!
mel200Author Commented:
Thanks for the detailed response, very much appreciated!!
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Thank you for the compliment!
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