PVDM-12 for Cisco Voice Gateway Router

I have a cisco 1760 Voice Gateway router with a VIC2-4FXO card with 4 analog phone lines, and a PVDM-12 module.  Will this PVDM-12 support another VIC2-4FXO card with 4 more analog phone lines,  which would total 8 lines.  I know the "12" means 12 channels, but I didn't know if one pots line took two channels for communication.  If this was the case I could only have 6 pots lines right?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I'm looked at the PVDM-12 datasheet and its not answering my questions.
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Ken BooneNetwork ConsultantCommented:
So according to this:


Under DSP Requirements it says:
Please use the following rules for calculating DSP requirements on the Cisco 1760 series routers:

1. For 12.2T releases:

a. Each 2-port analog VIC requires 1 DSP (PVDM-256K-4)
b. Each VIC-2BRI-NT/TE requires 2 DSPs (PVDM-256K-8)
c. For VWICs, refer to Table 10. For example, 12 G.711 digital T1/E1 voice calls require two DSPs; 12 G.729 calls require four DSPs
d. Total DSP requirement is the sum of a, b and c. The DSP resources can not be shared between analog VICs and VWICs


So if you have a PVDM-256K-12 you have 3 DSPs.

Then down below that there is table 10 which shows that for a medium complexity you can support 4 channels per DSP for G.711 or G.729.  If you run high complexity you can only have 2 per DSP.

So if you run a total of 8 ports of FXO and you run medium complexity you should be able to support that with your current DSPs.

Hope that helps.
denver218Author Commented:
I'm using G.711, so technically since a PVDM-12 has 12 channels if I had a total of 12 FXO ports, I could have 12 calls going on at once right?
Ken BooneNetwork ConsultantCommented:
Yes as long as you set the complexity to medium.

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