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Not able to move user folder using Active setup in Windows 8.1

Hi All,

I am using a VBScript RedirectMy.vbs to move user folder i n Windows 8.1 using Activesetup. The Activesetup has the two registry hive to move user folder(My document and my picture) to a network drive.

The user folder is not redrecting to the network drive on the very first login (when active setup run). However if i am loging off and login back its getting set.

I have attached the vbscript. The same VBScript works fine in Windows 7. The user folders are moving on the very first login in windows 7.

Any thought why the VBScript does not work in Windows 8.1? Does the log off login is really require ?

Thanks in advance........................
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Usually, the redirect either through GPO or any other means only takes effect after the second login. This is to be expected.
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Hi Arnold,

But it works fine in Windows 7. Any thoughts?
I'm not sure what you are looking for. I.e. windows 7, your mapping changes take effect immediately, while in windows 8 it does not.
Just use the GPO standard as a common element, I.e. the change takes effect on the second logon and be done with it.

I.e. hkey_current_user is what you are updating.

Try the following on windows 8, new user logn. Lock the workstation and relogin/unlock is the change reflected?
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