DFS replication not working 2008r2 and 2012 server

Title pretty much says it all..  New 2012 server added it as a server in the mesh topology for a particular dfs root and pointed it to local share etc.  Files started populating.  Checked back in 2 days and its only 1.17 gb and the share is well over 7gb.  Eventvwr has a few hiccups where it cant connect to one of the servers in the roots (connected via vpn over comcast links) that time out is not long and it resumes fine.
First 2012 server in this domain.
Ran a config report on 2012 server but it said it was pretty much healthy...
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ZenVenkyConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
DFSR has self healing feature and will take care is replication issues in most cases. However are you able to open dfs shares using \\servername. Also check the DNS configuration.  Also you can check the DFSR Repot for errors and warnings. You may also run "Dfsrdiag Pollad" against all the members to force them to pick up this change as soon as possible.
Dfsrdiag Pollad /Member:<member name>

Hope this helps.
rhwimmersAuthor Commented:
As you mentioned, it seems to have self-healed as they both have similar file size now, at least within a hundred mb and new files/folders appear almost instantly..
Good to know that, if you are receiving 5004 Event ID then in mose scenarios DFSR is fine.
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