Identifying what domain controllers are not global catalogs

Dear everyone,

I hope you are all well and can assist.

I would like to build a query at does the following:

1) Gets a list of all domain controllers
2) For each domain controller, determine if it is a global catalog or not
3) Write to a file the names of the domain controllers that are not global catalogs

Any help greatly appreciated.
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Mike KlineCommented:
adfind is a great freeware tool by Joe Richards

He has shortcuts that can really make this easy

adfind -sc gclist  
This dumps all GCs

adfind -sc !gclist
This dumps all non-GCs

If you have Visio you can also use the AD topology diagrammer and it will draw your DCs



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Simon336697Author Commented:
Hi mike, you are a champion.
Simon336697Author Commented:
Mike, with the returned domain controllers that are not GCs, is there a way to loop through that list and add the GC role to them?
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Mike KlineCommented:
You would have to pipe it into admod.  I'd have to test it out.  Don't want to give you code that doesn't work.

How many do you have?


use powershell:
Get-ADDomainController -Discover -Service "GlobalCatalog" > output.txt

to get the GC DC's then run script again without -service switch to get All the DC's can save it as getDC.ps1and then call that with your query
Simon336697Author Commented:
Thanks so much
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