converting date and time into two columns

I am in the process of writing a view, i need to convert this field
BTime = 1899-12-30 13:15:00.000

to 25/10/2013  (column 1)
1.15pm  (column 2)

i have used the following without success
for Date
convert(varchar(13), BTime, 100)
for time
convert(varchar, BTime, 100)

1.15pm is correct on  on the date but the dates is not correct
and how do you hide the date for time.
Amanda WalshawBusiness Solutions AnalsystAsked:
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Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
Have a look here..!3/2e9a0/21

select convert(varchar(13), getdate(), 100) --Sep 13 2013
select convert(varchar, getdate(), 101)  --09/13/2013
select convert(varchar, getdate(), 108)  --05:37:35

select DATEPART(mm,getdate()) -- 9
select Right(100+DATEPART(mm,getdate()),2) -- 09
select DATEPART(dd,getdate()) -- 13
select DATEPART(hh,getdate()) -- 5
select DATEPART(mi,getdate()) -- 30
select DATEPART(ss,getdate()) -- 51

SELECT CAST(DATEPART(hour, getdate()) as varchar(2)) + 
':' +  CAST(DATEPART(minute, getdate())as varchar(2)) --5:38

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PATTERN      STYLED DATE                SYNTAX                                  STYLE
MMM DD YYYY  Feb 23 2001 4:05AM         convert(varchar, your_data_here ,100)   100  
DD MM YYYY   23/02/2001                 convert(varchar, your_data_here ,103)   103 

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to 25/10/2013  (column 1)
1.15pm  (column 2)
DECLARE @BTime AS datetime = '1899-12-30 23:15:00.000'

       convert(varchar(10), @BTime, 103)
     , ltrim(right(convert(varchar, @BTime, 100),7))

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also see:
select convert(varchar(13), BTime, 103),RIGHT(convert(varchar(30), BTime, 0),8)
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You are Passing BTime as "1899-12-30 13:15:00.000", But you are Expecting Date column as "25/10/2013". How it is possible?

Or if you trying to extract the output as dd/mm/yyyy format, then below code will help you

select convert(varchar, BTime, 103)  --30/12/1899

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Hope This Helps!

-Babu A
I had hoped that the use of @ would clearly not be needed in a table, it was used simply as a way for simple proof of the formats

       convert(varchar(10), @BTime, 103)
     , ltrim(right(convert(varchar, @BTime, 100),7))

would become

       convert(varchar(10), BTime, 103)
     , ltrim(right(convert(varchar, BTime, 100),7))
FROM sometable

but, I agree if the field BTime holds values of 1899-12-30 than there has to be some other magic around to arrive at 25/10/2013

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Amanda WalshawBusiness Solutions AnalsystAuthor Commented:
still experimenting with the time and dates
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