no more drive letter on windows 2008

all drive Letter are used on my windows 2008 server.from A to Y.
and now i need a new drive with Letter create.
any suggestion?
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Emmanuel AdebayoConnect With a Mentor Global Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:
You can use volume mounting point if you are running out of drive letters.

Check the link below

David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
use the unc naming convention \\computername\sharename or mount the drive in an empty folder on a local drive (as mentioned above)
Mohammed KhawajaConnect With a Mentor Manager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
If you need drive letters because of an or so, create your yourself a top level folder (c:\mounts) and below that create empty folders for each shared drive you want to connect (c:\mounts\1, c:\mounts\2, etc) and mount them into the empty folders.  If not then use UNC names.  I am curious as to how could one run out of drive letters.
apollo-13Author Commented:
thanks for answers
i think ,my false to explain
I have a file Server under win2008 ,i meant there si no more drive Letter for new Mount
like: i use Batch script

net use  T:  \\servername\share  (here from A to Y all are used) and i Need one more share Mount on my network
David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
you still have z:
I would start thinking about not using drive letters and use unc naming convention instead.
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