Rouge Exchange 2010 Certificate

HI All, Please could any help me with this problem, i have inherited a site with a SBS2011 server which was migrated from a SBS2008 server by a previous service provider.

All pretty standard with a self signed certificate and all was working fine, Outlook autodiscover finds the server, no problems.

After about a week, some of the users get a Autodiscover certificate error pop up with certificate error, when i look at the certificate it has not relationship with the server or network or Exchange and expired in 2006 see the screen shots:

Screenshot 1

I have no idea where this certificate is or why its on the network, i cannot find it on the server, Exchange only shows the self signed certificate.

Please could somebody give me any suggestions as to how i can find this rouge certificate and remove it and restore the default Exchange 2010 Autodiscover Certificate details, ive run out of ideas here

Much appreciated
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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
It is coming from your web host.
HSphere is a hosting tool.

The clients are trying to connect to the external web host for some reason.
You need to run an Outlook Autodiscover test to see what Outlook is trying to connect to.

As it is SBS 2011, I would suggest that you run the fix my network wizard to ensure that nothing is configured incorrectly. The clients shouldn't be connecting to an external host at all.


Let me know first, is that this * is using.

If you are not using that certificate, then remove it.

About this set as default, then add into trust

Go to mmc --- Add certificate --- import it in Trusted Root Certification Authorities, Intermediate certification Authorities and personal.

Restart MS Transport service for the changes to take effect.

KTM200Author Commented:
Hi Mohd_Shaikh,

The problem certificate is the *, the SBS2011 server has no record of this anywhere, the installed certificate is the self signed server certificate see below

Slef Signed Server Cert
The problem is that the computers arent using this certificate and rather looking at this * certificate
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented: is a South African ISP - so as I said, it is coming from the ISP/Hosting company.

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