Lync between 2 trusted domains

is difficult to integrate 2 different lync servers in 2 trusted domains?

any information?

thanks in advance
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Jeff_SchertzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Correct, you'll just need to deploy an Edge Server in both environments if they do not already have one.  And then configure Federation between them and that's it.
If the domains are members of the same forest then Lync servers will already be integrated as the entire forest is represented in the Topology.

If these are part of separate forests then you'll simply use Lync Federation as you would with any other Lync organization.  Depending on the network location of each domain's servers you may need to create static routes on one or both Edge Servers/Pools to insure that traffic is routed in the ideal path between them though.
jmatarranzAuthor Commented:
The scenario is.. 2 different domains, each of one in their own forest, and with trust relationship

So i understand that there is no much problems with this scenario?
jmatarranzAuthor Commented:
Sorry for my ignorance, we are thinking in deploying this scenario but, at this moment i don't know much more about lync server.

when you say edge server that means that have a server with lync server installed in the dmz?
And what about the federation, what's that?

Thanks in advance.
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