I need to automatically download files from SFTP and have been recommended winscp.

Using just scripting can I process error messages from winscp in SSIS so that I would know where ssis has failed?

If not is there any other way to report of failures from winscp via ssis?

Ideally I would want an email to a user to let them know that the task has failed.
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Tony303Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I run WinSCP in a Process task (I think, I'm not at work at the moment) in SSIS.
The parameters that I am using in WinSCP command line appends to a log.
Get onto the WinSCP website for the FAQ and find the commands.

I use SQL Agent to run my SSIS package. Normal emailing operator when the package fails has been good enough for me to know when the package has not worked.

Once you get the email, if it is a WinSCP problem then the last entry in the WinSCP log will tell you.
AlexPaceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I use Robo-FTP for SFTP in SSIS.  At first I experimented with setting the exitcode value on the EXIT command and using the WRITEFILE command to make a text file with the results but then I figured out how to use DBQUERY to run an insert statement so now I just write the SFTP result directly into a database table.
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