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I am trying to migrate one of my applications, which was originally developed with a Paradox database, to Microsoft SQL Express 2012.
Therefore, I am using Ado components, shipped within my Delphi 7 environment.

Unfortunately the date formats, as displayed in the TGids controls, is changed. Before I saw a date formatted as "dd-mm-yyyy". Now it is "yyyy-mm-dd".

Which options do I have to change this data format in TGrid?

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Stefan van RoosmalenTeamleader Service DeskAsked:
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Sinisa VukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this TDBGrid maybe?
You can change dataset field display format:

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Geert GConnect With a Mentor Oracle dbaCommented:
the date format shown is dependant of the user os settings
for windows this is the control panel, language and country settings

specific countries have specific settings
> changing those will give you different output
Tony303Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If the above doesn't work, then you may need to cast or convert the date, for every view/query.

Here is an Experts Exchange thread....
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