Draytek (Dynamic IP) to Watchguard (Static IP) VPN

I would like to setup a VPN between a Draytek router and multiple WatchGuards which I have done successfully in the past but the Draytek was sitting on a static IP address, I shortly moving the Draytek to a connection without a static IP address but wish to maintain the VPN.

Is this possible using a domain name addressing with a Dynamic DNS service on the Draytek, if so how is it done and can you recommend a good Dynamic DNS service, I’m happy to pay for it?
Glyn MerrittIT Project ManagerAsked:
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dpk_walConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no more settings required on Draytek as we specify for both my WAN IP and remote WAN IP.

Only thing to check is if the VPN is having problem I would opt for Aggressive mode instead of main mode.

Please find link below which has Vigor settings; again, nothing required on Vigor for dynDNS related settings:

Please check and update.

Thank you.
I have seen people usually using dynDNS.org; others can be freeDNS and then many more!!

Once you have Fully Qualified Domain Name [FQDN] you can configure VPN with the remote peer no issue.

WG supports it [read the remote gateway section esp., with domain name]:

Configuring DDNS on Draytek:

Please implement and update.

Thank you.
Glyn MerrittIT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply.

I'm happy with implementing DDNS on the draytek and that Watchguard supports VPNs with a domain name, I was just hoping for a little guidance on how to configure them.

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Did you see the links I posted; it has configuration on Draytek as well as on WG.
If you are looking for help with account setup for dynDNS then I would not be able to help you.
Glyn MerrittIT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Account setup for dyndns is simple from what I can tell. There is an agent in the Draytek that you can enter in the details for which updates your latest IP.

My main issue is where I need to enter in the dyndns host name in the draytek....
>> My main issue is where I need to enter in the dyndns host name in the draytek....

This is for configuring VPN?
For VPN we put remote end public I; our public IP or FQDN [which is dynDNS name].

What specific help you looking for if is clear then we can help.
Glyn MerrittIT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
I have a working VPN between a Draytek and Watchguard with both having static IPs.

So I've changed the IP to the host name in the Branch Office Gateway on the Watchguard but I'm not sure what to change in the Draytek.
Glyn MerrittIT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thats the one! Aggressive mode worked a treat with ensuring the My WAN and remote WAN were empty.

Many thanks,
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