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Open folder from local system via html link

Hi Experts,

I have designed a basic webpage using html. It is saved in the client's shared area on our production floor. I need to open a folder via link from one of the pages. The required folder is in the local system say 'C:\dir\folder' and the webpage resides in the shared area. How should I need to point the folder from shared area to local system. From google I've tried
<A HREF="file://///Computer_name/Shared_Drive_name/Path/Filename.odt" TARGET="_blank">link to a file</A> with not much luck. I'm able to open objects from local system to client's shared area but the reverse is not happening. The folder which is need to open is in 'C' drive, I've tried something like this: <A HREF="file://///Computer_name//C:/dir/folder" TARGET="_blank">link to a file</A> which is not working.

Do you any other options/suggestions. Greatly appreciated.

We use IE7.

Thanks in advance.
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Are all those slashes intentional? Should only be 2
So this is the correct format
<A HREF="file://Computer_name/Shared_Drive_name/Path/Filename.odt" TARGET="_blank">
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Dave Baldwin
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I concur with DaveBaldwin.  You're fighting an uphill battle against more than a decade of browser security evolution.  I think your best, and possibly only option, is to craft an extension or add-on to introduce this capability.  I would be hesitant to even recommend that, since you would essentially be coding a piece of malware.
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