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Access toolstrip items from code behind

I have a winforms application that has many forms.  I use a bindingnavigator and on that is a label (toolstriplabel).  I have a module which has a public function that I want to update the label from.  Since this is used by multiple forms I need someway of doing this..

What is the correct syntax for to do this?  An example would help greatly.
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Andy Marshall
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I'm writing my first .Net app at the moment, so apologies if this proves to be utter nonsense...

Could you create a string property in the BindingNavigator class that you could get/set as you need?

        /// <summary>
        /// Holds the selected LabelText for the BindingNavigator.
        /// </summary>
        private string labelText;
        public string LabelText
            get { return this.labelText; }
            set { this.labelText = value; }

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Set the BindingNavigator's LabelText property from your function (once you have created an object reference to the BindingNavigator).  You could then refresh the text in your label by getting the BindingNavigator's LabelText property.

Hope this helps - if not, apologies!
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Able to resolve it with this code.