Specifying file paths for MS SQL 2012 Install

Why can't I specify the file paths for MS SQL 2012 Install? I want to install on drive D:

The browse button is grayed out for both on the screenshot below
file path
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sameer2010Connect With a Mentor Commented:
All the shared files and certain program files are installed only on C:. This cannot be changed to get installed on D:
SThayaTechnical MAnagerCommented:

  select what features you want to install .once selected the directory automatically will show the option

refer the below link

GerhardpetAuthor Commented:
Based on the link you have provided I should be able to change the path but in my case it is grayed out.

Any idea why?
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You need to click on select all for all features and then you would be able to edit the same
GerhardpetAuthor Commented:
Already tried that. It does not allow me to change the path even with all features selected.

The browse button and field paths are grayed out
GerhardpetAuthor Commented:
On the attached screen it shows the disk usage. My C: is almost full and I want to install everything on D:

Why is that not possible?
disk usage
Hi guys,

You can change the installation path of SQL Server i.e. from C drive to D drive on Instance Configuration page. see eg:

Using Instance Configuration page we can change directory path by using ellipsoid button.
GerhardpetAuthor Commented:
That is what I did but it still installed 4GB or so of files on C: drive.

Take a look at my last screenshot where it shows C:/ 4122MB required

Then on D:/ it shows 864 required
GerhardpetAuthor Commented:
Ok that is what I already found else where. Strange that it would not be possible
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