DFS: Replicating a sub-folder of a folder that is already being replicated.

Let me explain what I am attempting to do. I have a file server (AFS) that has a share called the L drive with 16 main folders, each named for their prospective department or category. I have a secondary file server (BFS) which is having the entire file share from AFS being replicated to itself. So I have a carbon copy of AFS on BFS. I have third server that is to act as a FTP Server. I wanted to replicate just a select few of the 16 folders from with BFS or AFS to be replicated to the FTP server. I am not able to do this, I receive the following error. "The path entered conflicts with another replicated folder path for replication group".

I need some direction.
Is there a configuration change you would suggest?
Is there a third-party software I can use to replicate to the FTP Server?

Also note that full file share on AFS & BFS is about 1 TB.
The FTP Server only has 250 GB of storage.

I have used DFS to replicate to AFS to FTP but once I threw BFS into the mix it became a problem.
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AlexPaceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does your FTP server software support virtual folders?  If so perhaps you could simply configure virtual folders that point to the shared folders on AFS... so the data would never be copied to the FTP server... when an FTP user switched folders into the virtual subfolder the FTP server software would show the contents of the shared folder on AFS instead of files on its own hard drive.
LSFAdminAuthor Commented:
I'm currently using FileZilla, I'll have to do some research.
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