Windows Server 2012 stop registering DNS on second/third IP

I have 2 Windows Server 2012 DCs that are running DNS as well as NLB.  Each server has 2 active NICs, one for normal traffic and one for the NLB. Even though I uncheck the box to register this connection for either one or both of the NIC cards, it keeps registering all addresses in DNS.

Server 1: FS1
   NIC 1 - Normal Traffic:  IP
   NIC 2 - NLB:

Server 2: FS2
   NIC 1 - Normal Traffic: IP
   NIC 2 - NLB:

Both servers are registering the address for NIC 1 and NIC 2 as well as the NLB cluster address of

I only want the NIC 1 address for each server listed in DNS (which I can manually create).

I have tried setting the "skipassource" flag on the NIC2 and the NLB cluster address on each server using PowerShell and then delete the hosts from DNS server and they keep returning.
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degemberlingConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I may have finally solved this issue that has plagued me for several weeks. I found the articles below that pointed me in the right direction.  I was basically troubleshooting this issue from the NIC end of things.  The issue was actually being caused by the DNS server itself. I used method 2 in this article to point me in the right direction:

The Host's "A" Record Is Registered in DNS After You Choose Not to Register the Connection's Address

I am waiting to see if the Host A records stay out of the DNS now.
degemberlingAuthor Commented:
It appears that setting DNS Server to only listen to NIC 1 removed the unwanted A Host records from DNS.
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