Getting macros to work in Excel 2010 .xlam Custom Ribbon

I have created an .xlsm file that I want to save as .xlam after I have it working properly.  I have simple macros in there that work just fine when run from the macro window (ALT+F8) or directly from the VBA Editor.  I added .xml code to create a custom ribbon with buttons to run the macros.  The ribbons and buttons show up fine, but I always get an error, "Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment."  I can immediately run the macros manually and they work just fine, so I guess there is something wrong with either the xml (I am quite the novice here on xml)  or there is a reference problem.  Any ideas?

Below is the xml I used for creating the custom ribbon/buttons and the xlsm file is attached
<customUI xmlns="">

      <tab id="MyCustomTab" label="Case and Selections" insertAfterMso="TabHome">
  	  <group id="customGroup1" label="Adjust Case">
          <button id="customButton1" label="Lower" size="large" onAction="LowerCaseMacros" imageMso="LowerCase" />		
          <button id="customButton2" label="Upper" size="large" onAction="UpperCaseMacros" imageMso="UpperCase" />
          <button id="customButton3" label="Proper" size="large" onAction="ProperCaseMacros" imageMso="ProperCase" />
          <button id="customButton4" label="Sentence" size="large" onAction="SentenceCaseMacros" imageMso="SentenceCase" />

        <group id="customGroup2" label="Decrease Selection">
          <button id="customButton5" label="Unselect current cell" size="large" onAction="UnSelectActiveCells" imageMso="SelectionPane" />
          <button id="customButton6" label="Unselect current area" size="large" onAction="UnSelectCurrentAreas" imageMso="_3DEffectsOnOffClassic" />



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I think the problem may be in the <group id>.  you might need to specify insertAfterMso=...

Purely a guess as I found here.
pmpataneAuthor Commented:
Hi FamousMortimer,
The group id with the insertAfterMso= was because it was on an existing tab (the home tab) and it was code for where the group should go.  Thanks for checking, though!  (I did try it anyway and it made my Tab not appear at all.)
pmpataneAuthor Commented:
Found the answer!  I had Sub ProperCaseMacros() for macro name, s/b
Sub ProperCaseMacro(control As IRibbonControl)

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pmpataneAuthor Commented:
I don't think I should gt the points, since I answered my own question, but the answer works and the question should be closed
pmpataneAuthor Commented:
Did more investigation and found the answer on a web site
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