Not finding correct path

The code below is looking for a C:\ drive for ADir when the ADir is a UNC path.   Is there anything I can add where it will see the correct path or is it correct the way it is?

Public ADir As String

Dim ABC As String, ArcName As String, MyName As String

xDir = ActiveWorkbook.FullName

ArcName = ADir & "\" & "Filename" & ".ARC"

    ABC = Dir(ADir, vbDirectory)
    If ABC = "" Then
        MsgBox "Creating directory " & ADir
        MkDir ArcDir
    End If

Public Sub Auto_Open

ADir = tabMenu.Range("Dir2").Offset(0, 1).Value  ' shows UNC path
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Robberbaron (robr)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
correct as far as i can tell.

1. does the value of Adir actually exist at the time of looking at folder ?
Check by adding a debug...

Public Adir As String

Sub test()

    Dim ABC As String
    xDir = ActiveWorkbook.FullName
    arcname = Adir & "\" & "Filename" & ".ARC"
    MsgBox "ADIR=" & Adir & vbCrLf & "arcname=" & arcname
    ABC = Dir(Adir, vbDirectory)
    If ABC = "" Then
        MsgBox "Creating directory " & Adir
        MkDir Adir   '<<<fix here as well
    End If
End Sub

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Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    Adir = "\\server\share"
End Sub

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This gives the expected result but fails at the Dir command of course
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