Cisco Aironet 1140 limit number of connections?

I have a number of Cisco Aironet WAPs in my organization. Is there a setting to limit the number of connections per WAP?
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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to do it per SSID on an Autonomous AP, so you'd do it like this via the CLI:

conf t
dot11 ssid MYSSID
 max-associations 5

If you have more than one SSID per AP you have to do it for each SSID.  That means though that you might have 10 clients on the AP even if you set the max-associations as 5 for a specific SSID.

Also, from experience I'll tell you that this doesn't always work as you expect.  If the client doesn't want to move to a different AP it doesn't matter what you do on the AP to force it, it just won't.
Craig BeckCommented:
There is, but it's only a soft-limit on controller-based APs.

The default limit is 200 clients.  If you change it the AP will tell the client that it can't connect when the limit is reached, but the client will just try again if no other AP is available.  After so many attempts the AP will just let the client connect anyway.

On IOS-based APs the limit will stop more clients than you specify from connecting.
lenivanAuthor Commented:
So I ask again, how can I limit the number of connections per WAP before the devices hops over to the next available WAP?
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Craig BeckCommented:
Hmmm, you asked IF there was a limit...

Is there a setting to limit the number of connections per WAP?

Was that question not answered?

Perhaps you could be more specific in both the question and the information you provided?

For example, do you have a controller or are the APs autonomous?  This is an important question, hence mentioning that on a controller-based AP this is only a soft-limit.
lenivanAuthor Commented:
Sorry if I wasn't being clear. To be more specific...
I want to limit the number of connections per WAP before devices are forced to hop onto the next available WAP.
I do not have a controller as each WAP is autonomous.
lenivanAuthor Commented:
Thanks craigbeck. I'll give this a try.
Craig BeckCommented:
No probs - let me know how it goes :-)
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