corrupted word and excel files

A problem has suddenly developed with my Excel and Word files.  
I think it has been caused by opening a “rogue” which seems to have produced 4 viruses and 592 malware items.These I have cleared.
I have also run a System restore.
But the problem with my MS Office files persists.
It is this.  Both the Excel files and the Word files have had their respective icons replaced by an orange rectangular icon.
I cannot open either the Word or Excel files in the normal way i.e. by clicking on the file.
I have found that I can open the files by right clicking and then using the MS Open With facility, either Word or Excel.
I have also found that I can edit these files and save them.  But they are saved with the rectangular icons.
I am running Windows 7.
If I left click either the Excel or word files then I get the following message:
“This program is unable to run  because of missing or corrupted filoes.  Contact your computer manufacturer.”
This is clearly not a hardware problem. It seems the virus/malware has corrupted a MS Office command file or something.
I have reach the end of my knowledge.
Can anyone help me please to restore the status quo when all was working properly
Thank you.
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plusone3055Connect With a Mentor Commented:
also have you right clicked the properties of the files and made sure the
opend with  is set to microsft word and excel repectively
the malware remove certain aspects of office
i would reccommend re-installing office.  that should resolve your issue
file properties
screenshot attached
digiselAuthor Commented:
wow.   hey plusone.  You are really a master.  All I did was to follow your point re the properties and BINGO - the Excel and Doc icons re-appeared and the files work fine.
Nothing to do with hardware.  did not even have to re-load MS.
Thank you very much.  Most impressed - and also very happy.
Glad that was the issue
apprecaite the compliment
Have a great day :)
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