Outlook 2013 frequently stops responding with Gandi POP3 mail.

Hello Experts

I have multiple PCs running Office 2013 Home and Business (retail version, product code used to download Office). All of these PCs have problems with Gandimail.

The main problem is with "task request" emails. I think one user is making a task and then sending/inviting other users. When a recipient of a "task request" email tries to delete the email (specifically by selecting the red cross button at the very end of an email line when viewing the inbox, as opposed to right-clicking and selecting delete which strangely enough, works) Outlook stops responding and must be restarted.
Occasionally, Outlook stops responding and must be restarted when Outlook attempts to receive one of these "task request" emails, but it always happens when a user tries to delete one (the way I described). I have exhausted all troubleshooting steps. I have tried the obvious scanpst, I have tried resetting up the windows profile, I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled Office several times. I've disabled antivirus and firewalls, etc.

This morning I have tried setting up the same Gandimail account on Outlook 2010 on a test PC and there is no problem whatsoever. On my own PC I have tried setting up the same Gandimail account on Outlook 2013 and I have the same problems. I would say that this definitively proves that the problem is compatibility with Gandimail and Outlook 2013.

Any help would be truly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
SolpakTechnical DirectorAsked:
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SolpakConnect With a Mentor Technical DirectorAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in closing this question.

Unfortunately, no one could help me with this. In the end, I got the task request emails to delete without crashing Outlook 2013 by:

- Setting up Outlook 2013 with a throwaway POP3 mail account (Hotmail).
- Then add the Gandimail account

The Gandimail account cannot be added to Outlook first or the problem will still be there. Strange that we needed an idle Hotmail account first but at least we can now delete the task request emails.
Bernard S.Commented:
No clue in Gandi forums?
SolpakTechnical DirectorAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately not Fibo.

Also, Moonfruit support (our technical intermediary for Gandi) could not determine what the problem is and advised me to speak to Microsoft. A Microsoft representative also failed to find the problem but he said he would escalate the matter and get back to me. I will update this page if a solution is ever found.
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Bernard S.Commented:
B-( since my outlook 2013 is out of order after the updates last month, as is word 2013 (but not XL nor PPT) I'm probably not in the best mood towards microsoft (hot line took my coordinates and promised I would be called back within 48 hours, but that was sevral days ago...).

It is not clear in your mail if the mailboxes are local on kept on the server.

If they are local, the I would suggest the usual prophylaxy:
1 - Check all the pst files. Those larger that 500M might create problems, those larger than 2G will create problems. If they are larger than this, try to cleanup, eg remove old useless mails then clean the garbage box, then compress the files.
2 - Apply scanpst.exe to all the local pst files. In some cases, a pst file in error prevent from sending or receiving mail or to apply properly the predefined rules. Beware of local disk space, since if a repair is needed scanpst will keep a *.bak copy, in my case this needs 5G for all my pst files.

Now, if you have the same problem than I have, let's wait together for a solution B-(
This shows by computer stopping entering a busy loop when any of this occurs:
- I open a .doc or .docx file with Word (so I'm temporarily using Open Office...)
- I type a mail or send one which needs editing
Bernard S.Commented:
Microsoft somehow wants to push us to the cloud and hotmail.com (oops, now it's outlook.com). You might have received a side-effect of that...
SolpakTechnical DirectorAuthor Commented:
I have given myself a grade B as I stumbled onto this solution during extensive experimentation. Also, I'm not sure that this will ever help anyone else, it could be a one-off for just our client. Maybe for my modesty I should choose grade A :)
Bernard S.Commented:
B-) Grade A would have been correct too!
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