Magento and issue

Live Magento store, works fine through PayPal payments. But when we add, transactions won't complete. We get the following error.

Response Reason Code: 13
Response Reason Text: The merchant Login ID is invalid or the account is inactive.

Called - the account is active
Cut and pasted API Login ID
Generated and cut and pasted new Transaction key

Attached screenshot from Magento admin.

Any ideas?
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Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
This is going to sound silly, but it happens. I use a web-based system and when I copied/pasted the password I'd been sent, the login would fail, but if I typed it out, it worked.

It's possible that's happening with the two items you "copied and pasted".

I assume you looked at -- did you 1) try the or gateways? What happened? Is there a setting on a page that needs to be set to the "live" gateway?

2) set the field x_test_request to "TRUE" and forget to set it back?

3) check the script and confirm that the field x_login is set to the API Login

4) test to see which variables are being passed; if you're not passing the correct ones, you could get the same error message. See

Finally -- you're quite possibly trying to submit a test transaction using your production account credentials. This page shows you how to check for it (I'd copy/paste, but I think the content is copyrighted). Specifically, you will want to read about the difference between test mode and a test account.

Good luck,

abacus41Author Commented:
Hi Ep, thanks for the note.

Long term client had offshore developer create the site but is bringing me for the last fixes. I don't have any specific magento experience but lots of ecommerce.

I have viewed both magento admin and admin area and been on a 3 way call with Authorize support. If it is not in either admin area I have not looked at it.

In what I can see we are on production, not test mode, but I am only looking in admin. Is their a specific page on the server where I could view the settings for issues?
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
It's been quite a while...

The fields I mentioned are, if I recall correctly, on the page that sends the data to and/or on the page that receives the response from (probably the first, because that's what triggers the response). It could be contained in a javascript file that is called by the page, too.

It's also possible that the settings are done through the API -- it didn't exist when I last looked at is where you see what data is being sent; tells you how to set up a page to send it.

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abacus41Author Commented:
Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
Thanks for the points!

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