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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to implement having Sharepoint accessible via the internet. Right now if you hit the Sharepoint URL from outside the network ( You get prompted with your authentication page as we expect. As soon as you authenticate the URL changes from to the internal hostname of the sharepoint server (domain-spoint there is no and a connection error comes up. Does anyone know how I can remedy this? I have checked and changed DNS with no luck. To break it down some more:

Outside DNS Hostname:
Inside DNS hostname: domain-spoint
Internal DNS CNAME record: -> domain-spoint

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Kent DyerConnect With a Mentor IT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
Did you follow the TN Document?

I don't want to be presumptuous, but that should be good starting point.


WindhamSDAuthor Commented:
Hmm.. I guess I didn't see that. I'll look into this THANKS!
WindhamSDAuthor Commented:
The article was perfect kdyer, thank you. I didn't realize that they called it access mappings. Also, another article that was simple and to the point is located here:

This isn't the most secure method, but we have an external company that cleans all of our traffic destined to our sharepoint box so I'm not as worried.
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