Joomla Article Appering as white page

I recently became administrator for several sites. I did not build these. One of these we will be making changes to but I noticed while reviewing content that one article (climate, under the visit deming tab) leads to a blank page.

 I checked the article to ensure it has content. It does.

It has a flash slideshow (idk why flash but not my isssue), I removed that from the article in case it was having a weird interaction. still no good.

I clicked preview and the content shows up fine in the pop up.

I double checked the menu link to ensure that it had the right page, it does

I created a new article with a new menu link and still no good.

the site is

I did not build this site, and my background is mostly wordpress.

Lets get this figured out and you win the internet and points!
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AngryHermitConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have cleared the cache previously, no luck, I also checked to ensure everything was public. It was. It turns out that the theme does not like reading {something} in brackets. as soon as i deleted that page loaded up fine.
gplanaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to remove the menu item and create it again.
AngryHermitAuthor Commented:
Did that a few times with the original article and with the new one I made.
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check the access rights to the article.
open up the article and underneath the title there are options.

1) maybe the menu is only displaying articles from a category "climate" or stomaching
- so check the type of menu "climate"

2) check the access option is set to "public"

save the changes
if you know how to empty the cache , empty it.
if not and you have caching enabled the changes take a while to filter through to the live site.
stomaching - "something"

sorry more detail - go to the menu manger and check what type of menu it is that points to climate. if its a single article then check the access right of the menu pointer and the article itself
if tis a category then check the category ofthe climate article
chilternPCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
oh yes the brackets "{"  are used to tell plugins to activate and insert their functions
it would be any theme.
well done
AngryHermitAuthor Commented:
Just glad to have the help, never really played with joomla so I know none of the go to settings to ensure its not id10T error. Ill be on here a lot more over the next few months
AngryHermitAuthor Commented:
Stumbled upon answer through pervasive troubleshooting.
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