How to generate a email from a stored procedure using a mail server or outlook in Oracle


I need a code to generate a email from a stored procedure in Oracle using Outlook or a mail server. If is possible we prefer Outlook
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as long as your can communicate via SMTP protocol it doesn't matter what type of email server you have.

Simple example...

    v_connection   UTL_SMTP.connection;
    v_connection := UTL_SMTP.open_connection('');
    UTL_SMTP.helo(v_connection, '');
    UTL_SMTP.mail(v_connection, '');
    UTL_SMTP.rcpt(v_connection, '');

    UTL_SMTP.write_data (v_connection,
                         'From: test from address' || UTL_TCP.crlf
    UTL_SMTP.write_data (v_connection, 'To: test to address' || UTL_TCP.crlf);
    UTL_SMTP.write_data (v_connection,
                         'Subject: test subject' || UTL_TCP.crlf);
    UTL_SMTP.write_data (v_connection, UTL_TCP.crlf);
    UTL_SMTP.write_data (v_connection, 'test body' || UTL_TCP.crlf);
    UTL_SMTP.close_data (v_connection);
    UTL_SMTP.quit (v_connection);
        DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (DBMS_UTILITY.format_error_stack);

You might also want to review extended authentication in this article

or attachments with

you might be able to use utl_mail  but it is very limited, not installed by default and not extensible.  So I don't bother.  Using utl_smtp is pretty easy, and as shown in the article you can build your own wrapper functions to encapsulate more complex functionality with a simple api if needed

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note, Outlook is simply an email client.  It's not really involved in the sending of the email.  You can certainly send email from Oracle to someone using Outlook though.  I have outlook myself and receive messages from oracle databases using code much like the example above and in the articles.
Also note in 11g or higher, you have to configure network access via ACLs

You'll use the DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN package to do that.

You can find instructions for using that package, including examples here...

and part 2 here
joyacv2Author Commented:

Do you know some additional code to use Outlook to send the message, so any user can use his personal email to send the email in the machine?
Change these lines...

    UTL_SMTP.mail(v_connection, '');

UTL_SMTP.write_data (v_connection,
                         'From: test from address' || UTL_TCP.crlf

and your email will be addressed from whomever you want.

Note the "From: ....." line is really just a comment.
 The utl_smtp.mail procedure is what really determines the from.  It's simply convention that most email systems put the address in the "From" line.
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