Any impact using same internal domain and external domain name

Hi  Guys,

I am planning to installing a new Windows Server 2012 with exchange server 2013. The domain setup is completely new.

I come to know that some CA authority (GoDaddy) no longer allow to renew/buy SSL certificate with internal domain (like .local). It may be affecting the autodiscover function in my internal outlook clients.  What is the best solution for this?

I was thinking of making my internal domain name same as the external domain name. This probably will solve the SSL problem (am I right?).

If I were to chose a different domain name, setting up a internal CA will solve the SSL problem? I don't quite like the idea of setting up an internal CA as I not too familiar with that

There is no intranet web site hosted internally

All comments are welcome. Thank you
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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
This isn't a problem.
Just setup a split DNS so that the external name is resolved internally to the Exchange server and adjust all of the URLs to use the external name.
The internal name isn't used at all.

The configuration of Exchange is very easy. I need to write an Exchange 2013 version of the article, but the 2010 version applies:

The only other advice I will throw in here with this type of domain setup... don't use a wildcard record with your external DNS zone.

Weird things will be sure to happen if there are even minor DNS misconfigurations.
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