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I'm having trouble printing certain pdf files on my local printer.  The printed page has a redundant portion printed, which doesn't appear in the print preview.  This is with an HP OfficeJet L7680 on a Windows 7 platform.  If I print the same pdf file from a networked Windows 7 machine, using the same OfficeJet printer, the page prints correctly.  Updating the driver on my local machine didn't help.  So I'd like to find the driver which my networked machine is using, and replace the local machine's driver with that version.  But I'm having some difficulty locating the driver on my networked machine.  Networked printers don't appear in Device Manager.  I have a utility called My Drivers which is supposed to collect all device drivers, but it doesn't show any drivers for the L7680 on the network machine.  Please advise.
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Would you mind to let us know more in details of your full printer model ?? Is that HP Officejet Pro L7680 ?? If yes, you may download the driver from :


Thank you.  I have tried that download, and it ends with fatal errors.   The printer is HP OfficeJet L7680.   Since it prints OK from a network client, I'd like to replace the drivers on the server with the ones on the client, but I'm not sure where those drivers are located on the client.
>> and it ends with fatal errors.

do you mean when you trying to install the driver to the client?? If yes, did you choose the right OS to download ?

>>  I'd like to replace the drivers on the server

basically the server can hold / store many printer drivers for different OS, no need to replace the drivers, but you can add in other drivers where the server will push down according to the client, the link below explain more :

If you are talking your local machine which is not join under the domain and you want to use the printer, you may map the printer through printer's IP address.
There are a number of things in Acrobat that can make the printer behave differently. The first thing to try is to select "Print as Image" under the Advanced button in the Print dialogue box. Also, try different settings under "Comments & Forms".


Using "Print as Image" truncated the image at the point where the artifact appears.  While that didn't directly solve the issue, it caused me to consider substituting a different version of the image, which prints correctly.  I don't know what may be the problem with the image I was using, because there is no visible artifact on it, and it prints OK from another computer, abut the issue appears to be resolved.

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